Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hi guys, without noticing i had abandoned my blog for quite sometime now. Once again the year has come to an end and this year of 2014 was definitely not a very good one for most of us Malaysians. It has been an ordinary year full with ups and down (mostly downs).

Malaysia got its first knock out with the mystery disappearance of MH370 flight. Followed by another blow of the aircraft bombing of MH17. Malaysia is already in a devastation state with the lost of two MH misfortunes. It doesn't end there when an ugly flood attacks the east coast of peninsular Malaysia recently. And as we thought the flood will be the final agenda of the year, there goes another missing AirAsia's aircraft AQ8501and it's suspected to be crashed somewhere on the globe. Sigh, such a disastrous year for Malaysia.

For myself, year 2014 consider a year I'm not so exited with. Although there were moments that i truly grateful for but still its just a very simple and uneventful year for EddieQuah. :)

So, a short recap of what has been happening in my humble life. This year i manage to get back to the land of Borneo once again to participate in a 21 days special challenge course organized by the 'Outward Bound School' in Kinarut, Sabah. It was truly an awesome experience for me as I get to know Sabah in a whole new perspective. All the extreme hardcore activities were just so much fun. Especially when you're doing it with a group of cool people. Throughout the duration i have learned so much from each and everyone of them. So, during the course, i've done kayaking in the ocean, sailing for 9 hours to 'survival island', conquered the second highest mountain 'Trus Madi' and explored through part of Crocker Range. This course has brought me a huge impact and improvement in myself physically and mentally making me better as a person. My greatest gratitude goes to my cousin sister, JamieLee for creating this opportunity for me to experience all these.

Well, the year 2014 is also a year where i finally ditched the NEET status out from myself. I'm now doing my apprenticeship for our national carrier, Malaysia Airlines as a customer service agent trainee under a governmental program known as the 'Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia', by the Ministry of Human Resource. Apparently this training scheme is to improve the graduates' marketability in the work force as there are so many graduates who are unemployed and floating freely in the market. Hmm... just to clear off the confusions you guys might have, in another word we're doing training under the 'SL1M' program under the care and supervision of MAS. So, i'm not really a staff yet as we'll have to train for about 12 months and then, it's all up to the company whether or not to absorb us in as their permanent staff. So, after the 12 months duration its either we stay or it will be'Thank You and ByeBye' for us. For myself, i'm enrolling into this program as this will be a medium for me to venture into the aviation industry that i always wanted to be in. And to be honest, since i started, i felt more enrich despite the weird shift working hours that is quite exhausting at times.

Although the year 2014 has not been a a smooth sailing one despite all the major misfortunes, we still have some little little happy moments to make the year seems not so bad after all. Life still has to go on and no matter what, positive faith is what we really need in order to keep us going. So, let us pray and hope the incoming year 2015 will be way more better year than what we had and gone through in year 2014.
Thank You and see you all again soon.    

Thursday, January 23, 2014

CeeNie's Big Day

The group picture at the end of the dinner. look at those cute couple. 
1st blog of the year and its not about myself. That’s right. It’s CeeNie, a friend of mine back of my Uni days. Recently just attended her wedding dinner in Seremban (19th Jan 2014). Well, its not completely about her though cause it will be weird right? I mean, she’s someone’s wife and I am writing about her? Lol. That is just not right. Anyway, just a short description of her, Her name is LimCeeNie origin from PortDickson, Negeri Sembilan. She is my course mate and she is a very soft spoken lady. When I say ‘soft’, trust me… even a mosquito’s flying sound is louder than her voice. So, that’s it. Enough of her and let’s get started.

Her wedding was the first coursemate wedding I had ever attended. Maybe that’s why I was excited about it. But what’s more I was looking forward it’s the gathering getting to meet fellow uni friends once again after our graduation back in 2010 (except Samuel as I get to see him once in a while). Well, the dinner was I would say enjoyable apart of the delicious dishes but it was also because of the companion we had among each other during that night. Although it was just 6 of us as the others couldn’t make it, but it was good enough to have a little catching up here and there. We had a great talk, great laugh, watching the proposal videos and wedding pictures of CeeNie’s, and even had a good breakfast the morning after. Thanks to the bride who provides us the accommodation at her newly bought house.

So, hereby I take this chance in my own blog to wish her the very best in her marriage and may she be well and happy ever after with her husband till the end of her life. Hopefully we will all will see each other again in the near future and who knows, the next time we meet it’s for her baby full month party. And I am certainly glad that I attended her wedding and be a part of her happiness. :)
Lock & XueYin
This is Sandra's little sister. She tagged along and we're very happy to have her around. She is as tall as myself as u can see from the picture we took together. haha. Nice to meet you Zero. 
more selfie back at ceenie's place

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello 2014 Goodbye 2013

Hi, its year end again and I’m here to do some crapping. Every time when a year comes to an end, automatically there will be flashbacks going on in the head. Flashing back all the good and bad times that happened throughout the year. Well, year 2013 has come to an end and just like the previous years, it has been great. Although I would say it might not be as awesome as year 2012. But still it’s a great year that I been through.

It has been more than a year since I last quit my job and has been surviving as a freelance tourist guide. Being a tourist guide indeed is an eye opening experience for me as I’m still learning every now and then about the guiding world. The best part is I’ve met numerous numbers of people from all over the globe and it amazed me each and every time I get to know their culture and listen to their exciting stories. Given myself this one whole year of duration and it’s a never ending learning process. But I guess you just knew it whether something is suitable for you or not. But hell yeah those experiences were priceless. Lol. I think maybe it’s time to figure out what’s up next for the incoming year 2014.
My Vietnamese beauties. 

Year 2013 was also a year of 13th Malaysia's general election day where i got to carry my duty as a fellow Malaysian for the 1st time in my life. Although the results was not as expected but Malaysia has done it's best. I'm glad that Malaysian are still living in harmony and united as a nation despite which parties they belong to. 
Me posing in front of the majestic leaning tower of diamond bay.

Because of work I’m now base in KL. I used to hate KualaLumpur as I thought I’m not welcomed here as every time I step in KL, I would start to have massive headache and I just can’t adapt to the hectic life in KL. But now, I think KL and I are cool together. We learnt to accept each other and it seems we’re doing just fine. I’m proudly declare myself as the train taking expert as that is my main mode of transport each time I go anywhere within their reach. Still remembering the first time I took my first LRT ride, I was like a dumbass searching my ways, worrying about the wrong direction I might be taking, and etc. And now, I get to know my way around the capital city of M’sia and I will still keep on venturing and exploring.

This year, indeed it’s not as fruitful as last year.  I didn’t really travel out of the country like I did last year. I did went in to Singapore twice, but that was also because I was there to send off my tourists there and I came right out after my job was done. So it didn't really count. Hopefully someday I would make a trip there and have a look for myself how Singapore looks like for real. Although I didn't manage to go out from the country but still I had an adventurous year domestically. Forget about all the tourism places of interest I brought my tourists to. But I myself had a great fun going to places and did activities I never done before. Went hiking at Broga Hill and Bukit Tabur was fun. Went to Sg.Gabai waterfall with friends was enjoyable. And other interesting places that took place in various locations nationally. haha

Last but not least, my year 2013 wouldn't be great without getting to know her. So grateful that she once appeared in my life and I shall cherish it all the time. So, I take this opportunity to thanked her and may she be well and happy.

So, end of my year end’s crap and I’ll make it simple. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2014 and lets bygone be bygones. Be grateful and be happy. We only live once, so make the full use of it. No regrets. See you all again!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A random foodie :)

(2nd Dec 2013)
So, as I was walking my way to ‘Pasar Seni’ to catch the bus (GO KL) from Chinatown, I can't help myself noticing a long queue at a corner shop nearby. Out of curiosity I went to have a look and there it was, the ‘Home Cook Curry Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian House’. Since I yet to have my breakfast (although its already near lunch time), I decided to stood in line together with the rest. It’s not so long of a wait before it was my turn to make my orders. And before I could start ordering, the Indian uncle looked at me and said :
uncle : This is your 1st time here?
me : oh yes… I saw a queue here so I decided to check it out.
uncle : oh.. I know my regulars. This is the 1st time I see u here too. So, what would u like to have? We have vegetarian, chicken curry, mutton curry...(and he goes on with his menu),
(after I made my order) uncle : enjoy ur food.

Lol, the Indian uncle is surely a friendly one. I had curry mutton with a little of beansprouts and they tasted nice. Although I’ve tried quite a number of good ‘nasi kandar’ around but what this particular curry rice has this homie cooked tasted which is soothing. Here are some pictures to share with you guys.

Till next time for my bloggie. Cheers folks!
I cant tell exactly where the location is, but its somewhere nearby the 'Pasar Seni' LRT station and its located in a corner inside a chinese shop. just opposite the 7/11 though. :) 

although its simple, but the queue tells it all the worthiness. haha 

this is what i had, mutton curry with beensprouts. alot of muttons though. it cost around RM7.00 for the rice and 60 cents for a glass of ice chinese tea.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Broga Hill Expedition

Hello guys! Its been awhile right since my last post (probably half a year)? This time its not gonna be a long one from me too. Just that I really want to share my experience with you guys about my Broga Hill Expedition.
So, lets begin… it all happened on a fine Sunday early morning. (really early )… 14th July 2013. After gathering, we finally set our destination to the famous local tourist attraction, the Brogal Hill located in Semenyih. Since its our 1st time going to such place, we didn’t know the exact location of the place and we have to rely on the GPS to bring us there. Its actually quite easy as there were signboards along the road side once u reached Semenyih. A few more km after University of Nottingham, we were there already.
Cut the story short, we started trekking at 0500 in the morning. It was an easy hike as it doesn’t requires any difficult climbing. We finally made it to the so called ‘top’ at 0630. It was a less than 2 hours hike only. We had a magnificent view from the top and its just so beautiful. There were a lot of other hikers who already reached earlier and hanging around. The weather that day was super fine. Although it drizzling rain a little but most of the time its very windy and refreshing. We stopped and hang around at the top for quite long. Busy with photo taking and cam whoring. Lol.  
So, that is a short brief bout our Broga Hill experience… But for you guys out there who interested to conquer the hill urself… here is some friendly reminder or stuff I would like to share with you all..
1. Torch light / head torch
    if you are going early in the morning, its kinda dark and its safer to have a torch light to torch ur way up to the top. But no worries, if you really forget to bring ur torch light, there will be a lady who sell torch lights for visitors who wanted to hike the hill. (we ourselves bought 2 torch lights for RM10 each).
2. Good comfortable hiking shoe
its important to have a hiking shoe to ensure the comfort of ur feet when u hike up to the hill… if u don’t hv a hiking shoe, a pair of good bottom grip shoe also advisable as the track can be quite slippery. So, safety 1st.
3. Comfortable outfit
Its going to be a relaxing hike, so i would suggest to just wear something comfortable and easy to move around. its not going to be very cold so i would suggest to wear shorts instead of the long track bottom pants.
4. Drinking water / energy drinks
keep urself hydrated throughout the hike. Coz u guys gonna sweat a lot and its important to drink more water or energy drinks to keep you going.
5. Camera
of coz you don’t want to miss out the moment upon reaching to the top or taking pictures along the way. Beautiful scenery and memories together with friends hiking that hill must be captured. As we always said, leave nothing but foot prints, take nothing but pictures…

All the best and have fun folks!! So, here by enjoy some of the pics I took for you guys aite? Lol 

Some scenery pics. Nice view from the top

Here are some more pics .... :)

me standing on a rock. :)

Breakfast on the hill. yum... really hungry upon reaching to the top.

Hi folks!

the rest of the team

For this expedition, i went bought a new pair of hiking shoe. Just to ensure my comfort and safety. 

car park fee is charged if you gonna put ur vehicle in the oil palm plantation. RM2.00... not that bad.. its an income for the local community though.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre Launching Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Carnival

Hey guys, 1st blog entry for the year 2013. Its kinda boring i know, but its ok... just wanna share with you guys an event i went today (19th Jan 2013). its the pre launching of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Carnival. That's right... its visit Malaysia year again since the last VMY 2007. Although visit malaysia year is in 2014, but we already started to do the marketing now as its important for us to be ready by the year 2014 arrives. its my first time actually to attend such carnival. its more or less the same like 'Cuti Cuti 1 Malaysia' or 'National Day' Carnival. What they have are kind of standards stuff... stage performances, booth selling food and other stuff. But this carnival its all about tourism industry in our country. So, the highlights will be promotional rates for tourism products such as Hotel Deals, discounted entry ticket to theme parks, and other interesting deals. Well, there was just a lot that happened and i certainly had lots of things to describe if i may. But let me just show u guys some pics i took in the carnival. pictures tells a hundred tales right? enjoy~
Lucky draw booth for the public who came for the carnival. Grand Prize for the lucky Draw was a Brand new chevrolet orlando worth RM118,000.00. 
More than 50 food stalls offering all Malaysian Favorites. U name it they have it.  Basically its all 1 Malaysia food. 

The percussion band performance

Volunteer Dancer to perform the dances in front of the Prime Minister and also our minister of tourism.

Lol, manage to snap a pic of our beloved Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak and also his wife. Not forgetting our Minister of Tourism herself, Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

A very nice 5 minutes fireworks presentation. However, accidents did happened and the fireworks display almost burnt down part of the hill of Bukit Jalil... Good thing is, the Fire Brigade was there to put out the fire in time. 

Some of the nice well lighten lights in the carnival,

 These are some of the goodies that i manage to grab from the carnival. Out of sudden felt like kids again. hehe

My lucky Draw Number 112010. Too bad... cant even got a hamper out from the lucky draw. No luck.

Well, that's all for today's post.. hopefully i can figure out something more interesting to write about ya. haha... Have a nice day everyone. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. So, wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year in advance ya. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013

Yeap, year 2012 is coming to an end. It felt like yesterday year 2011 ended. Which I I felt a little scary. Time is just moving a little too fast. Don’t you think so? Well, whether we like it or not, this year gonna be over real soon. And year 2013 is on its way. The year 2012, just like other previous years a lot of stuff happened. Nah, don’t worry I’m not gonna recap everything that happened this year in my life in the blog. Just some important events or something that really matters to me I would like to share it out with people out there, which I think it worth sharing and I don’t want to forget when time passes. So, here it goes …….
Year 2012 indeed it’s a life changing year for me. Despite reaching a quarter of century’s age i can consider this year would be the best year so far and I hope it will get better in years to come. I wish everyone the same as well.
This year I managed to go out from the country for the first time. And it was an eye opening experiences for me. Visiting South Korea it’s a place that I never dreamed of having the chance to visit. Experiencing the winter its so awesome. Thanks to my ex-company I had this wonderful opportunity. Also, Bali, Indonesia was a place I had so much fun and a lot of sweet memories with fellow friends of mine. I hope I can go visit more countries in the future. Lol.
I quitted my job at last and start becoming a freelance tourist guide. There are so much more for me to learn in this tourism industry. I’ll try my very best to be a great tourist guide. And at the same time look for job. At least that is what I will do for the year 2013 to come. Hopefully my first pot of gold is on my way.

Last but not least. My year 2012 was a great year as I met a lot of wonderful people. I sincerely thank and grateful towards the people that came into my life. I certainly learnt a lot from them. Not forgetting someone who really brightens up my life. I am so fortunate that she once came into my life. I sincerely wishing her all the best and gain her happiness.. thank you.

So, what’s your most memorable events that happened to you all this 2012 year? Anyway, whatever that happened, good or bad, happy or sad… they happened for a reason and we cherished the good ones and we learnt from the bad one. After all, a better year is approaching. And hereby I, Eddie Quah wish everyone out there a very happy new year 2013. and I will see you guys again next year.
See You Guys and Have A Wonderful New Year  2013 !!